£39.90 per month

Exceptional offer valid until 31st March 2023

The ideal pack to get started with no investment with a monthly membership.
Build a business where you can work from home with the click of a button with this discovery pack. Just what you need to get up and running so you can expand before you know it.

The DISCOVERY pack includes:

  • LearnyKids license with all associated rights
  • Book software for instant books personalisation (PC compatible)
  • Music and cartoon software for instant personalisation (PC compatible) with external drive shipped to your home
  • Full access to the range of the products: books, letters & poems, CreaKidz digital platform, music albums, photo-personalised cartoon, educative kits, games
  • Unlimited and free downloads on ebooks, activity books and educative kits.
  • Products Stock: initial stock of 10 CD burn + 10 DVD burns + 10 PREMIUM creakidz membership
  • Training and support:  initial individual training sessions, unlimited access to the e-learning platform, ongoing webinars and workgroups.
  • Access to the online order space to order your stock and additional modules as and when needed.