How can we help you ?

You will find below all the most frequently asked questions. We are also at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for all your requests or individual appointments at +33 9 52 78 43 44.

The concept

You can choose and order your pack and additional modules from the website with payment by credit card, transfer, check…  When you order, you will receive an email with a link to install the software as well as your activation key and logins for your training space.

You can also access your training space for an easy and quick setup. Our teams are at your disposal for any questions, you can also book an interview.

When you order, you will receive an email confirming your order as well as the link to download the customization software within a few hours and access your training space. You will then receive your package within a few days. The website will also be operational within about 3 working days. For marketing and PVL tools, after confirmation from you from the BAT, allow a maximum of 10 days for reception at your home.

Given that the concept is under trademark license, you can choose the status that suits you best. However, we have noticed that the majority of our distributors choose the status of self entrepreneur that allows them to set up easily and quickly.  Sales are done online from the official website of the self contractor. Our teams are at your disposal to advise you and answer all your questions.

NO. Members of our network around the world have a wide range of skills. Your success will essentially be linked to your personal skills: good interpersonal skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, good listening skills, creativity, perseverance and of course good communication skills will be qualities that will help you in setting up and developing your business.

We also provide you on the training space guides and training to help you to improve your skills.

The net margin per book is on average 13.6 euros per book, 15 euros for CDs and 19 euros for DVDs and 69 euros for CreaKidz subscriptions. For the downloading version of the books and activity books, the downloading is unlimited and free!

So, depending on the targeted distribution networks, your income opportunities are unlimited and directly linked to your personal investment and skills. Guides and webinars are available on the training space to help you to develop your skills and learn about best sales practices and strategy development.

You can also recruit teams, develop partnerships in order to accelerate your sales. The sales opportunities are unlimited to develop your business and revenue.

NO. The concept is brand licensed, so NO royalties or other fees.  Once the license is acquired, there is NO renewal fee and when you restock, everything is also included.  So the net margin is for you! The license is also lifetime, so no renewal fees.

NO ! License is for life as well as the customization software.  You just need to subscribe to the monthly subscription that guarantees you access to all features.

You can order on the online distributor area in a few clicks by choosing the desired products and quantities. No monthly quota required in your orders, you manage the stock according to your needs.

Orders are shipped within 48 hours maximum and, depending on the mode of transport chosen, the time and day of your order, reception will be within 48 to 72 hours.

No minimum quantities for CDs, DVDs, letters and poems. Books are packaged in packs of 10 books of the same title.

To get started, you will need a PC computer, preferably 15 inches minimum (laptop or desktop), a black and white laser printer and a standard 24-page stapler.

Not at all. Books are delivered flat and do not take up space. Just free up space in an armoire for all your stock. The stock of other products is virtual, so holds no physical place.

YES. During your implementation, you will benefit from individual coaching sessions. You will also have access to an online training space with many guides, training videos that we complete every month. We also organize monthly training webinars, working groups (on a voluntary basis).

And of course, you can contact our advisors at any time to help you to develop your business.

The welcome package gives you access to the license and the customization software for life ! You also access the online training space.  Once the initial stock is sold, simply order additional stock according to your needs and you can benefit throughout the year from one-off promotional offers for even greater profit margins for you !

Not at all. The production is simple : you can count 2 minutes for music albums, 3 minutes for DVDs and 5 minutes for books. Training videos explaining the manufacturing process step by step are available on the training space. We also add some extra samples into the pack for you to practice.

It takes about 5 minutes per book and 30 seconds for a poem. For CDs and DVDs, you order online and will receive a download link that you can email to your customers for downloadable versions.  For the physical version of CDs and DVDs, allow 5 minutes for the engraving, printing and preparation of the boxes.

You can start selling the books as soon as you receive your package, usually 3-5 days in Europe. You can also make pre-sales even before receiving your pack and order additional stock.

The opportunities are endless and we share best practices, ideas and advice from our distributors for many years. We share these best practices on our training guides and during training webinars.

There is no territorial exclusivity, but we ask our distributors to keep us informed of their development so that we can ensure that there is no direct competition between our distributors.

YES. We regularly provide you with new marketing tools : catalogues, visual products, videos…

You can also order card add-ons such as the visual identity module or the exhibition module, digital for turnkey marketing tools, customized and delivered directly to you.

YES you can sell other products, including books. The only limitation being that there is no direct competition between the products.

YES you can choose your selling prices.  We conduct market research every 4 months to better advise you on your sales strategy and recommended prices.  We also share tips about how to maximize your sales with the ‘upsells’ to increase your average shopping cart with for example adding photos, bonus CDs, gift wrappers, etc.

Do you accept distributors outside France ?

What happens if I want to stop my activity ?

YES we recruit distributors worldwide, in several languages.

You can stop or pause your activity at any time. Just let us know by email at


The youth publishing and personalization market is booming.  Market studies are available on the training area or on request at

The only limitation is your creativity.

Kiosks, shops, exhibitions, markets, nurseries, associations… Beforehand, it’s important to inform us of your distribution network or activity.  We reserve the right to refuse a point of sale if it does not respect ethical codes or if it’s already covered by another licensee.  You can also find on your training space a guide to help you in your business development and organization of training webinars throughout the year.

You can place your restocking orders online in the distributors area, 7/7 and 24H/day. No minimum quantity required for any CD and DVD order and books can be ordered in packs of 10.

You benefit from a set of training courses to help you in the development of your activity with in particular : initial individual training during your implementation, a training space to train you at your own pace with manuals, videos and many still other things. You can also participate throughout the year in our webinars and working groups. And of course, for specific questions, our teams are at your disposal at any time.

The software

YES it is very simple and intuitive. Training videos are available on the training space.

NO internet connection needed. You can make the books wherever you are.

YES you can install it on multiple computers.

Installation is quick and easy.  When you order, you receive an installation disk and a video is available on your training space detailing the installation.  Allow 5 minutes for installation. You can also download the software from your training space on the day of your order.   All training videos are freely accessible on your training space.

Our software has been developed with you as a priority ! It is very simple and easy to use and you do not need to have an advanced computer level to use it.  It is very intuitive and you can customize your products from the software in just a few seconds.  Training videos are also available from your training space. We offer technical support if needed.

You will need a PC, preferably 15 inches minimum.  All operating systems from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 10, 1GB RAM or higher.  An internal or external engraver if you want to acquire the TRIO or TURNKEY package.  Portable or not, although we recommend laptops for ease of use if you want to participate in events, exhibitions, etc.

NO, PC only.

It’s simple. You need a computer, a laser printer (black and white) and one or two standard 24-page staplers. For TRIO and TURNKEY packs, you will need blank CDs and DVDs as well as boxes.  The CD stomper for sticking the labels is provided in the pack. Everything else is provided to you.  If you wish, we can provide you with all the equipment with computer and software pre-installed and laser printer at competitive price.

YES, you can sell all our products from your website and we provide you with all the necessary pictures on your training space.  If you do not have a website, we offer an eCommerce module that allows you to acquire a turnkey eCommerce site with access to your back office for independent management of your site.  You just need to choose your hosting company (we can advise you).  Initial training videos on managing your WordPress back office are available on your training space.

The CD and DVD range is available for download. You can then offer your customers the download or physical CD/DVD version.  Order from your distributor control area and you will receive a download link within 24 hours.
You can check the availability of given names by album and languages on the training area. For DVDs, the list of given names is unlimited.   For labels and covers, you can order them on the distributor area (for professional quality) or print them yourself, as the files are available on your training area.

The number of given names is unlimited on the entire publishing range (books, poems, letters, etc.) as well as on the DVD cartoon range.  For the CD range, you can choose from 8,000 given names in several languages.  For all products, you can also choose the spelling of the first name.

Check on the document with other spellings, accents… If the desired first name is not available, there are generic names such as baby, honey…. If you still can’t find, you can still sell the other products such as books, cartoons, poems, letters. Please note that the first names available are different from album to album. If you can’t find the first name for an album, check on another album. For example, if you cannot find the first name you want for the album ‘Sing for me’, check the list on the album ‘My Music for Me’.

You can check the availability of first names by album and languages on the training space.

You can create a technical support ticket (details provided on your training space) and a technician will contact you as soon as possible.


YES our range includes books, letters and poems, a range of 30 CD albums, cartoons and a new digital platform with more than 70 models to choose from.  We regularly create and add new products and concepts throughout the year.

YES books are available in washable flexible, or rigid cover.

2 formats are available depending on the selected titles.  Folded A3 format for the Super Hero comic book and baby album and folded A4 format for all other titles, a format suitable for children, for an easy grip.

This is our passion! We create new products throughout the year, software updates, new languages, new training materials etc. Our distributors also have the opportunity to participate in the development of these new products thanks to working groups.

NO this is included in your license.

YES absolutely. You can format your contact information on the software so that each time you print books, your contact information is included.

To date, French, English, Spanish, Italian are available in the LearnyKids edition range, 8 languages in the music range, 5 languages in the DVD range and unlimited languages in the CreaKidz range.

Can we add other languages?

YES. You can send us the translated texts that we can add to the software.