A range of personalized stories to facilitate the learning process

Our passion is to help children learn while having fun and that is why, since 2012, we have been working to develop new playful tools to give children a taste for reading, to help them develop their confidence. and bring laughter to their learning through stories in which they are the heroes.

1- The creation of personalized stories for 0 to 12 year olds

A personalization that allows the child to recognize himself, to identify with his hero. Throughout the story appears his name, his photos, his school… to fully live his adventure.

2- Collections to facilitate learning, develop the imagination, awaken, give self-confidence.
Scenarios adapted to each age, imagined and conceived in collaboration with children, schools, speech therapists, psychologists and psychomotor therapists. A quality of products based on a style and a graphic line specific to LEARNYKIDS allowing to differentiate the brand.

3- Various media

We offer a range of products with various media : books, song albums, cartoons in which they are the heroes, educational kits and interactive online programs.