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In the last 10 years, we have developed a turnkey concept to allow you to launch your activity in just a few days with everything you need for a saving of time, money and energy without technical or sales experience as training is provided throughout your launch and development of your business.

All packs include software that allows for almost immediate customisation of stories, an initial stock of products and a dedicated training space with on-going support for a simple and fast implementation of your activity.

We are here to advise and guide you throughout your activity and offer you a free quote adapted to your needs and ambitions.

Becoming your own boss has never been that easy


Discovery pack, the Best low cost franchise opportunities
Earn instantly when you go 100% digital!


A start-up pack with stock of 130 products!


Best seller with a stock of 250 products and your eCommerce website!


All in one with a stock of 500 products and all modules!


Exclusive rights over a country or region and lead your own team of distributors to success.

Realize your dream and become your own boss
Would you like to know more about the Learnkids opportunity and how you could get started in a matter of days with a rewarding and meaningful project, combining the flexibility to work where you want, when you want, without royalties with the freedom to develop your own qualities and preferences.
With this turnkey solution, becoming your own boss has never been easier.


Increase your income and earn money at your own pace, while balancing your work life balance in the comfort of working from home, with no fixed cost and just a PC and a laser printer.


An easy and fast implementation with on-going training and support to get started in a matter of days and grow your business.


Low initial investment and significant profit margins in a fast growing market.


Benefit from the experience and know-how of an international brand.

What they say

Our customers say it best

« I have been selling LearnyKids products for 1 month and the sales opportunities are really abondant! My set-up was quick and I was well supported, which allowed me to be operational quickly. The handling of the software is simple as well as the manufacturing of the products and the rendering is qualitative. I like to meet customers and the most extraordinary thing is to see the faces of children and parents when they discover the products and leave with them. I went to my first Christmas market and despite my lack of experience, I sold an average of twenty products per market and this figure increases each time. I look forward to your new products that my customers are already asking for! »

« A school teacher now retired, I was looking for an activity in order to earn a little extra money and stay active. I came across the LearnyKids products by chance and immediately found the products fantastic, both fun and educational and a very good tool to encourage the little ones to read and learn. The collections respond to my personal values. I am marketing the books to my network and colleagues and the feedback is extremely positive and they are all starting to advertise me as well and my business is booming. Fully satisfied! »

« I started LearnyKids without any commercial experience, which I feared. The network encouraged and supported me and gave me valuable advice in targeting sales networks, which are very numerous. So I initially focused on schools, word of mouth and works councils. And now, I’m diversifying with trade shows, the internet and partnering with stores. The products sell easily: they are affordable to all budgets and awaken the child in each individual. I receive daily positive comments and encouragement from my customers. I am gaining self-confidence again and a real pleasure in developing my business. »

« I have been a distributor of LearnyKids products since their very beginnings in France. Things have changed a lot since then and never cease to amaze me with new products that are still just as innovative and still appeal to my customers. LearnyKids launched a new distributor space last year with new e-learning training tools that I find very useful and it allows me to renew my approach and my commercial approach. The brand is transparent on its pricing policy and therefore no unpleasant surprises or unexpected costs. The products are sold easily, especially in demonstration and I have a very good loyalty of my customers. »

« I was looking for an activity in addition to my salary and the LearnyKids concept immediately appealed to me and it perfectly meets my needs. I am self-employed and my set-up was very quick and as described. The products are very popular, with new products very regularly. The software is easy to use and allows me to prepare the products in front of the customer. I can work at my own pace with nice margins. No regrets and great prospects. »

I am passionate about children’s books and mangas and have become a distributor of the Edition LearnyKids range. I market, do animations on the point of sale, media libraries, in the EC and lead workshops for children. The books are very popular. Now, I also have an entourage that promotes my products, which brings me additional orders. I also sometimes organise autograph sessions with the author when she is passing by my home. The books are well designed, beautiful and colourful, easy and quick to make (even if I was not reassured for the first ones). This concept gives me great flexibility in my schedules and way of working and even when I go on vacation, I can continue to sell my books (a hit last year on vacation where I did workshops at the end of the day) . My income is linked to the effort invested and to succeed and generate the maximum amount of money, you must not be afraid to go into the field, to promote word of mouth and communication with existing customers. Another big plus is the immediate personalisation of the books (and not just the first and last name, but generally around ten elements) and my clients can leave with their personalised book under their arm. The books sell well throughout the year to both parents and grandparents who are big fans. I also insist on the « made in France » label that my customers particularly appreciate.

I am a mother with 3 young children. I was looking for a way to maintain a professional activity and my financial independence while having the flexibility to spend time with my children. I discovered LearnyKids after buying their products. I started with word of mouth, I contacted nurseries and schools in my neighbourhood, parent-teacher associations, nannies around me and I went to fairs and markets. I’m still amazed at how quickly I sold the products and started making a profit! The future looks very promising to me with their new product CreaKidz! At my last show, I sold 110 books and 74 CDs in one day, beyond my expectations! Thanks you, LearnyKids!

My products are selling like hot cakes!
I am a freelance sales representative and I was looking for a way to supplement my income while maintaining flexibility in my working hours. I fell in love with the originality of the products, which I had tested with my daughter and her school friends. Their enthusiasm immediately convinced me. The products are selling like hot cakes, beyond my expectations and with the new ranges to come, I am very optimistic: it is a very profitable activity and which also brings me personal satisfaction. Well done for your products and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the LearnyKids family.

“I could describe my experience at LearnyKids as fun, rewarding, and instructive!  It has been a very fast learning curve as all was new to me.  Not easy at first but thanks to the training and products that sell very easily, I now can fully explore my new passion for selling personalised books and get extra income from it and it keeps growing faster and faster as I now have a large customer base.  I also love working with schools selling the CreaKidz platform and get so much positive feedback!”

“I chose LK as I needed quick extra income while keeping my part-time job.  I love that I can work when I want and get immediate income from my actions.  I also appreciate the coaching provided through the online training platform, and webinars and I can call the support team whenever I need advice.  I hesitate a long time before making my decision but am very happy as I get regular income from it each month.  At first, you get out what you put into it but after a few months, it grows exponentially as customer engagement is amazing!”

« My husband had recently lost his job and we were both afraid. The extra income we generated helped us to make it through one of our worst financial times. Thank you for being there when we needed you most. »

« This is my first year with LearnyKids I. It is great to have a product that not only makes a great profit but is also very fun to sell. I am still amazed at the reaction I get from my customers the first time they see the products. I look forward to many more great years of selling. »

« My mother and I decided to run the business together and have been with LearnyKids for 3 years now. It has been great to have something different that not everyone else is trying to sell. In all the shows and markets we have been to in our area and products sell easily.  The collection has increased a lot since we started which is amazing. Our turnover and my income keep growing thanks to my existing customers. Thank you! »

“I have had wonderful success since day one. I paid back my initial investment after my first arts and craft show. I then went on to finish the year ahead of my projections. The books sell pretty easily and most customers order more than one at a time. I am a mother with two young children and I love the flexibility and income I can generate in a short period of time. It’s also a lot of fun. With this type of product, I have noticed the customers are so upbeat and excited about their purchases. I have received many calls to thank me for the product and told me stories of how much children loved the books. Thank you again for your product and support! ”

« I wanted to let you know I participated in a show this past weekend and it was a HUGE success. We sold 73 books Saturday and 43 on Sunday for a grand total of 116 books and orders for 60 CD downloads! As recommended during the training, I did upsell and this is magic! I was not expecting such a success and learnt many new technics to do even better next time.  The customers LOVED the books and said they order more from my site.  Thanks for your patience and spending so much time coaching me, but the results are showing!”

« After looking at different businesses, I decided on LearnyKids because of the flexibility it provided. As a single mother of a 4-year-old, I wanted something that I could also have my daughter understand and have fun with. LearnyKids allowed me the freedom to maximize my time and earn much needed additional income. Taking it to any baby show is a guaranteed success.”

“Thank you for assisting me in getting started in my new business creating personalized books. Things are happening so fast! I did a show this weekend at a fair! The response was overwhelming. I gave out over 1,500 of the well-designed and colourful brochures: two schools approached me because they wanted to get the CreaKidz Platform! Almost immediately I started getting calls for more orders. Keep up the good work and keep those new products coming!”