How to face and overcome the fear of entrepreneurship

TOP 7 reasons

peur de se lancer dans l’entreprenariat

This week I was talking to Isabelle, our customer manager, who shared a piece of information that didn’t surprise me because I had gone through it myself.

She explained to me that most of the future entrepreneurs she talks to every day, looking for full-time or on-time business opportunities, all mentioned this fear before they started.

The fear of entrepreneurship! Fear of not knowing how to do it, not having the skills, not finding enough customers, not having the time, not making enough money…

Hummm, that’s quite a dilemma, isn’t it? 😅

But I reassure you that this fear of embarking on the entrepreneurial adventure, this little voice that we can not manage to extinguish, has passed to 100% of us!

So here are the TOP 7 reasons that may explain why you feel this fear of jumping into entrepreneurship.


The fear of undertaking that certainly paralyses us the most is the fear of failure that we have all known and often we prefer to do nothing but fail.

I’m sure you’ve already told yourself, “What if I fail?” What if my business doesn’t grow properly? , “if I can’t find a client?”, “if I can’t make enough money?”, etc.

And without forgetting our friends and family, though caring, saying to us: «are you sure not to be mistaken?», “You know, it’s risky anyway” or “by the current economic climate, you’d better take or stay in a more secured employment …”.

Behind all these questions, which seem legitimate, hides a second fear much deeper: the fear of the judgment of others in case of failure but above all, the judgment of oneself if you do not succeed.

The fear of being seen as incapable, of not being able to live up to the hopes and expectations of others, can prevent us from undertaking actions and going forward.

And if like me, you suffer from a «dad-look-at-me» syndrome (or mom, it’s the same), we quickly manage to apply crazy pressure.

To move forward, you will obviously have to work on your entrepreneurial mindset and learn that a potential failure (the so-called “IF”) is not the sinking of your entire life.

After all, remember Thomas Edison.  He failed over 1200 times before finding the right filament for the bulbs we know today. But he didn’t give up, that’s the seed of champions and entrepreneurs, never give up.

Or maybe Walt Disney! Did you know that he went through more than 300 banks before finding financing for his project of those beautiful theme parks that we all know today.


Most of the time, the fear of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is completely illogical and irrational. And if you’re honest with yourself, you know it.

So, what is often at stake when you feel a strong apprehension to jump the step to start a project?

It’s getting out of your comfort zone!

Yes, this is surely one of the most difficult exercises for a human being.

That is why many people are content with a bad situation that they know is part of their routine, rather than diving into the unknown. And this, even if this one is likely to be much better than their current situation.

If we go back to prehistoric times, we can easily understand this instinct against «going out of comfort zone» that sticks to our skin.

Back then, once we found a cave that wasn’t too horrible, we’d better stay there. This was the most reasonable choice, even if the cave at the other end of the valley looked bigger (and without TRex dung).😇

So yes, the valley is sometimes difficult to cross and yet, success really starts from the moment you agree to leave your comfort zone.

“To go out of your comfort zone is to be an actor in your life. To stay there is to be a spectator” Nanan-akassimandou


To be afraid to become an entrepreneur is also to hesitate to take on responsibilities that we will have to assume without relying on anyone.

Yes, being an entrepreneur, independent, freelance…by definition, you’re alone. Only in charge of your business and its proper functioning.

That means that if your business grows, it’s because of you. And if your business breaks down… It’s also because of you.

Taking on such a great professional responsibility is therefore frightening because it is a heavy burden to carry on our small shoulders.

It is right to say that the human being does not like to take on great responsibilities, especially those that can have direct consequences on his income (and therefore on his comfort level).

I think we all agree that it is quite comfortable to have a fixed salary that falls every month, regardless of the level of investment in the occupation in question.

Entrepreneurship does not follow this rule. If you are a little less productive or a little less involved than the previous month, you will immediately feel it in your business and in your turnover.


Many entrepreneurs who are just starting (or about to start) are suffering from impostor syndrome!

So rest assured, you are not alone. 😉

The impostor’s syndrome is that little voice that tells you you’re not legitimate. It may sound like that kind of phrase that we keep repeating, Frankly, aren’t you ashamed to take money from people in exchange for your mediocre work?! Shame on you!”

Hard to go with that evil little voice in your head, huh?

I really think that all entrepreneurs, regardless of their level of experience and seniority, will one-day experience imposter syndrome. Then, over time, the promise fades, and we tame it (but it would be a lie to you to say that this syndrome disappears completely, forever).


The fear of undertaking is also the talent to hide the face (I tested for you).

So let’s shed light on the main symptoms that affect the entrepreneur, paralyzed by the fear of launching his professional activity:

“I haven’t put enough money aside yet,” “I have to check, for the 220th time, that I am 300% on track for my entire area of activity, “Barnabas my beetle is dead, which is why I’m delaying my launch!”, etc.

In short, the human brain has an incredible, magical, almost miraculous ability to find excuses or is afraid to start a project.

And even more so when this project takes him out of his comfort zone, out of what he knows.

So take the time to think and be honest with yourself.

You will quickly distinguish the real excuses (the valid ones, the ones worth considering) from your limiting beliefs.


Being a perfectionist is a rather questionable quality, especially in entrepreneurship where nothing is ever absolutely perfect.

As for the excessive perfectionism, which often affects future entrepreneurs, it is mostly indicative of a great fear to undertake: «I can not get started, my logo is not ready, I still hesitate between the color tinted dawn and pink wood», «My business plan is only 400 pages, it’s not complete enough», «I still hesitate about my domain name, the one I wanted is already taken», «I’m just waiting for the right moment to get started» (my favourite sentence!)

I have good news for you, you know what?

We don’t care if your logo is not ready, because in any case, it will change 3 times in the coming year.
We don’t care if your domain name is already taken. Find another one, you’ll get over it, I promise.
It doesn’t matter, that your business plan isn’t perfect (I didn’t make any to get started and the divinity of entrepreneurship hasn’t struck me down yet).
As for waiting for the perfect moment to start… Let me break your dreams. This moment does not exist and it will never exist.

There will ALWAYS be a small grain of sand, a small change of mood, a small unexpected that will slip into your perfect day. And that is normal.

Besides, I ask you: what does this perfect moment look like to finally undertake all your projects? Is it realistic? Do you think (in real life) that this moment is coming? I think you and I already know the answer.

The only key is of course to have perseverance, certainty, faith, and vision, in what you do.

You can also prepare a solid plan beforehand ….

But above all have a vision, have a well-studied plan in which you have taken into account all the parameters.

The important thing is not to give up and especially to take action!


All entrepreneurs spend their time repeating it: training when you are independent is essential. And I share this opinion a thousand times!

However, falling into the opposite effect is treacherous. I have met many future entrepreneurs who were desperately running from training to training without respite, at a crazy speed.

I think you see the problem. You can try to reassure yourself by doing a thousand and one training sessions in succession, but they won’t do you any good… if you do not put them into practice!

What’s the point of learning incredible methods and techniques if you never use them?

Training gives you a system, a method to achieve goals.

But training does not validate your professional project.

So, trust yourself in the first place, and buy your training as and when you need it.


I have to tell you something: IT’S OKAY!

Yes, being afraid to undertake is quite normal, human, and understandable, (Caveman, remember?)

You just need to wake up and stop lying to yourself and hiding behind false excuses.

Then apply the infallible method to get rid of the fear of undertaking forever:

Go ahead, all in!

You can listen to all the podcasts of the world, read all the books of the earth, string together all the formations of the universe, interview all the most famous entrepreneurs…

To overcome entrepreneurial fear, the simplest solution is to take action!

Of course, you’re going to make mistakes. Of course, you’re going to have failures because that’s part of the game. But you will learn valuable lessons that will follow you throughout your successful entrepreneurial journey.

Wanting to become an entrepreneur is a life choice and, once you have taken the plunge, your freedom overhangs all fears.

And at worst what? What is the WORST scenario? What is the worst thing that can happen to you? What’s the worst-case scenario if you go ahead right now?

Well, I’ll give you the answer: you decide to shut down and you shut down. Done!

Consider the worst, and ask yourself what you would do if this “thing” happened. You will find that in most cases your worst-case scenario is not that apocalyptic.

With LearnKids, I went through all these steps!

Well, that’s also why I launched LearnyKids, now more than 10 years ago.

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But in truth, if I show you the picture below, I think you and I agree that the two characters would do well to take the time to change their wheels, right? 🙂

The simplest thing now is to let yourself see for yourself in some of the messages that network members share 🥰 (see images below):

So now, if you feel like taking action or if this fear of entrepreneurship is still bothering you, make an appointment to speak with an advisor and discover how LearnyKids could be the right solution for you.

See you soon

Kind regards